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"Era troppo amore.Troppo grande, troppo complicato, troppo confuso, e azzardato e fecondo e doloroso. Era tutto quello che potevo dare, più di quanto mi convenisse. Per questo si infranse. Non si esaurì, non finì, non morì, semplicemente si infranse, crollò come una torre troppo alta, come una scommessa troppo alta, come un’aspettativa troppo ambiziosa."

"Troppo Amore" di Almudenas Grandes (via malinconialeggera)

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"Mi sono innamorata di lui come qundo ci si addormenta: piano piano e poi profondamente."

Hazel, The Fault in our stars

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Arcade Fire - We Exist ft. Andrew Garfield

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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Whoever he used to be and the guy he is now…
I don’t think he’s the kind you save, he’s the kind you stop.

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Rupert is playful and boyish on set, but incredibly focused, present and generous when we get into a scene. He’s a bit of a nonconformist — he will ride his motorcycle to work in the pouring rain — but it’s never for show. He’s got a truly creative, curious, adventurous spirit.” - Claire Danes on Rupert Friend 

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Aaron Tveit in A Dream of Flying (x)

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A Dream of Flying (x)

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Buon Taylor Thursday!

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I used to just daydream all the time about being in movies, from the age of like, four onwards. I would sit down and watch movies with my father and my grandfather, and always pretended that I was in the stories. So I would spend my time reenacting them around the house, while annoying my sister and my mother and father with me pretending to be a cowboy or pretending to be James Bond.

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